Sabuj Kundu 4th Apr 2017


Note: Please read before you apply, in most cases, we get email with wrong subject

Job Title: Digital Marketer & Content Writer-2017

Company Name: Codeboxr

Vacancy: 1
Salary: 15,000 BDT – 20,000 BDT
From: Any time

Note: If you visit our website you will get everything to know about us

Expertise & minimal terms to apply:

  • 1 years experience working in IT related company or Online Marketplace
  • Fluent in English and Bengali (both reading and writing)
  • Excellent communication skill and can work in team
  • Knows SEO, SEM, PPC, Adsense, adwords, keyword analysis, insite/off site seo or other online marketing related standards
  • Knows Google schema/seo tags, open graph, twitter card, pinterest seo tags
  • you have experience writing technical articles or blogs
  • you know how to write user guide for any digital products
  • you can create video tutorial for any digital product
  • you know basic uses of wordpress and joomla (just as a user, we are not expecting web developer)
  • You like to come office in time
  • a good human inside you who likes to think using logic and science
  • you like math or you like to learn new technology
  • You are professional
  • You like to help your team mates
  • You regularly study new things
  • You support no other country but Bangladesh in cricket
  • you must follow office policies and dedicated for office works, promote your office and help to grow.
  • Self-learner (there are lots of youtube tutorial, online tutorial to learn, if you are self learner then you will never ask for spoon feeding )
  • If you have good terms in local market and can generate project lead from local market then it will be a plus

Salary: 15,000 BDT – 20,000 BDT

Office time: Winter: 10am-7pm, summer: 9am-6pm(current)
Weekend: Sat, Sun(Regular), Currently Fri, Sat which will be changed anytime.

Location: Apartment 6H, Dilara Tower,77 Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road(Near eastern plaza), Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

Free lunch, tea, coffee

Bonus: Two festival bonus, half of salary(based on your first month salary of January or the first month you join) in each festival. You need to pass at least 6 months to be eligible for the bonus.

Increment: based on your performance

Please send your resume to with exact subject(please don’t add extra word to email subject as we filter email using subject)

“Digital Marketer & Content Writer-2017”

without quote, wrong email subject means the email will not be read. For any query please send with the same subject or ask here in reply if it’s possible to ask in public.

You can write anything in your resume that helps us to understand you well.

Who should not apply:

  • you started to learn seo
  • you started to learn about marketing
  • you don’t know any thing about html or at least writing blog post using basic html tag
  • you have no experience or you didn’t finish your study
  • you don’t need money but you want to learn

** any kind of other terms and other policies will be disclosed before employment as written and you will need to sign agreement at least for 2 years.

PS. For any typo please excuse us