Sabuj Kundu 26th Aug 2016


We confirmed a guy, please don’t send any more application for this job post.

Note: Please read before you apply, in most cases we get email with wrong subject

Software Engineer Level 2, Aug-Sep 2016(#laravel, #wordpress #joomla)

Company Name: Codeboxr

Vacancy: 2
Salary: 30,000 BDT – 35,000 BDT(or We can talk)
From: 1st Oct 2016

About us: If you visit our website you will get every thing to know about us. In short, we have near 25+ wordpress plugin in wordpress dir, 50+ Joomla extension in Joomla extension dir. We worked brand like BDNews24, USAID as we as international brand GDP Global.

Expertise, Requirements and Job Responsibility:

  • 2 years experience working in one or more companies
  • Expert in php frameworks like Laravel , YII2 or symfony
  • Expert in developing complex wordpress plugin or joomla extension (at least expert in one cms)
  • You know how to write basic css code
  • You know how to write basic html
  • You know how to use jquery, modify jquery plugin, if you can make jquery plugin then it’s a plus
  • If you have expertise in any moden js library like angular js, react js then it’s a plus
  • You can not do freelance or do any other professional work that conflicts with our business
  • You may need to work on any kind of web based projects based on php or wordpress or joomla or any thing new. If you are fast learner then it should not be problem, you will be given time for grab and development
  • ready to work on any ongoing or new projects just after join
  • You like to come office in time :)
  • You know git
  • You know how to design relational database.
  • If you know big data or nosql database like mongodb then it’s a plus
  • a good human inside you who likes to think using logic and science
  • you like math, you like to learn new technology
  • You are professional
  • You like to help your team mates
  • You regularly study new things
  • You support no other country but Bangladesh in cricket
  • You know task automation- example: gulp, grunt
  • You can work following project requirement
  • If you know mobile apps development then it’s a plus

Office time: Winter: 10am-7pm, summer: 9am-6pm(current)
Weekend: Regular Sat, Sun (at this moment fri-sat and office can change it any time)

Location: Apartment 6H, Dilara Tower Tower, 77 Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh (Near Hatir pole Eastern plaza)

Other benefits: Free lunch, tea

Bonus: Two festival bonus, half of salary(based on your first month salary of january or the first month you join) in each festival. Special bonus for finishing any project in time and properly(Project bonus). Salary is given within 5th-10th work days of any month

Increment: Two times a year based on your performance (Total 5k BDT maximum per year). The more you show your performance, help company to grow company will take care you more.

Please send your resume to with exact subject(please don’t add extra word to email subject as we filter email using subject)

Email Subject: Software Engineer Level 2, Aug-Sep 2016(#laravel, #wordpress #joomla

without quote, wrong email subject means email will not be read. For any query please send with same subject or ask here in reply if it’s possible to ask in public.

You can write any thing in your resume that help us to understand you well. We suggest to put your github repos or such code repo if any, links for wordpress plugins , links for joomla extensions if any

Who should not apply:

  • you started to learn php
  • you started to learn wordpress or joomla
  • you don’t know any thing about css
  • you don’t know any thing about js
  • you don’t need money but you want to learn
  • you just started your career

PS. For any typo please excuse us