Sabuj Kundu 22nd Aug 2016

One of our random customer asked few question about CBX Accounting – Simple accounting solution for SME in wordpress platform. We thought it will be wise to share this experience with our other customer who are curious about this plugin

Q1. I need to be able to invoice and expense in multiple currencies. We trade in two different countries and are looking at a third later this year. Is this possible?

Codeboxr: It’s possible. We use a global setting for global currency and all calculation is done using that currency but if your source amount is in different currency you can keep the record.

Q2. We have a branch office which I would need to segregate on both the income and expense via categories. Is this possible?

Codeboxr: We have category system for both income and expense. So, you can use the way you need. For both type categories can be choose multiple.

Q3. We receive invoices in multiple currencies so need to be able to log these accordingly.

Codeboxr: Q1 has this answer already. Our log manager pro addon can show all in/out logs

Q4. Invoices recieved have different VAT rates dependant where they are from, is this possible to vary?

Codeboxr: If you configure the vat and % globally it will show automatically while entry income/expense but you can choose individual entry for if tax/vat should be added or not and custom %.

Q5. So that we have a current balance at any one time, are we able to link into any currency conversion websites so data is accurate? Do you have a link to a user guide I can review please or any one I can have a live chat with at some point please, as I know this is a big ask. Thanks.

Codeboxr: you can use to check the currency rate which seems to us correct or near correct. or you can use google currency calculator

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