Sabuj Kundu 16th May 2016

After our first release of CBX Accounting we got huge response from the community. We took note and make a short lists about which new features can be introduced and which to add later. We tried our best to keep our promise ! CBX Accounting V1.1.0 stable release brought some major updates.

Account Manager

Account manager adds option to log any income or expense from or to any account like bank(multiple accounts), cash etc. So, it’s now easy to track which expense/income is tagged with with bank account or done in cash.

Invoice No.

Few of our customers asked about invoice field while income/expense entry. We added.

Category Color

Category color is an interesting update to CBX Accounting. Now income or expense category can be assigned different color and it’s make easy to find or understand any entry easily. Happy coloring !

Role/Capability Based Access

While working with team, it’s important to keep the information secret from different level of team mate.


Vat/Tax feature added in this release, Now for any income/expense value added tax can be added, there is global option to set it globally and for any single entry tax can be enabled and disabled. All calculation is synced with previous data and for any upcoming data.