Sabuj Kundu 7th Jan 2014

Bad Font Can Kill Your Site

As a web designer or developer sometime it can be difficult to decide which font to use for a fresh website. One can be confused to choose an attractive font for website. Font of a website is very important because if people are not attracted by the font, even you have thousand time better content nothing really happen and people will leave the site quickly. The site’s text must be appealing to the eyes. So remember that bad font can kill a website site.

Finding attractive, user-friendly, legible fonts for a website isn’t always easy, but Google Fonts, launched in 2010, helps solve that problem really nicely. It’s a fantastic resource but, with so many fonts on offer, finding the ones you want can be quite a task. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 10 best Google fonts that you can quickly decide and use from.

Undecided about Font to use on website? Use one from this list:

1. The Droid family

Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif are three great fonts that can be used as a replacement for Arial, Verdana and Georgia. The Droid family was designed in 2006 with the sole purpose of providing web designers with a quality font that makes reading content on mobile devices comfortable.


2. Vollkorn

Vollkorn is meant to be a quiet, modest font that works well for everyday content. Boasting dark and beefy serifs this font looks great even at a small size. It comes in normal and bold and can be used as body type as well as for headlines and titles for print and web.


3. Bree Serif

Designed in 2008 by Veronika Burian and José Scaglion, Bree’s elegant appearance has led it to instant success. It’s a fun, upright italic serif font that can be used for headlines. It looks great when downsized and works well with when paired with Lato.


4. Cabin

Cabin is a clean and modern font that boasts eight styles: Regular, medium, semibold and bold, each with their corresponding italics. Its simplicity is its beauty giving it a personality of its own and making it an excellent type face for headings and body copy.

5. Lora

Lora is an elegant serif font that is available in four styles and looks great when used for body text. Its brushed curves give it a contemporary feel. It’s optimised for screen viewing but this font also works great in print and when paired with Istok Web.


6. Playfair Display

Influenced by typeface designers John Baskerville and William Martin, Playfair Display is well suited for headings. With short capitals that are only marginally larger than their lowercase counterparts, Playfair Display looks terrific with Georgia for body text. It can be set with no leading if there is not a lot of space or for a stylistic effect in titles.


7. Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Font Family includes a series of sans serif fonts that focus on clarity and accessibility on mobile devices. It can be used for both headings and body text and it’s available in multiple languages.


8. Roboto

Roboto is great for body copy. This is the font used in Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system. It’s available in 12 weights and there’s even a Roboto Condensed version with six weights. It works well on magazine-style sites and personal blogs.


9. Monda

Monda is a simple yet attractive font for body copy. It pairs well with a lot of fonts such as Offside and Ubuntu for headlines and it is extremely readable with its spaced out characters.


10. ABeeZee

ABeeZee is a fun, friendly font that looks quirky but not to the point where it’s exaggerated. Designed to be used as a children’s learning font, it is extremely readable even when sized down. It goes well with almost any other font, and looks great when used in body copy.


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