Sabuj Kundu 1st Dec 2013

If you are the kind of business owner who has clients/ potential customers sitting on the internet and you are interested to have them as your converted customer, then you must also know that Facebook is the #1 destination and most time-spent single website right now in the universe. As a result it makes perfect sense to attract your customers through Facebook Ads. Defiantly facebook Ads are is effective. A study shows that 37% of Marketers think their Facebook advertising is quite effective. If you need effective facebook ads must have to optimize the Ads.



Why Facebook as Advertising Platform?

  • Because people are always there
  • You can do precise targeting of your potential customer. Facebook has excellent filters to target the exact kind of audience you wish to reach
  • Its relatively inexpensive
  • Its the biggest platform for your social marketing strategy


Who Will Put my Ads there?

You may put up yourself. You will need to signup and configure your Facebook Ad Manager, connect a card/ bank. You will need to know the technical knowhows of costing model, how to target effectively and how to optimize the ads there.

Or You may Ask us to put your Facebook ads for you

We offer services to create, executive, monitor and manage your Facebook ads for you. Feel free to contact us for Free Consultation and Quotes. We have very competitive pricing.


How to Optimize Facebook Ads?

Two basic things before facebook Ads:

  • An in-house digital/Social Media manager. Nobody communicates your brand on Facebook like your own staff. Those traders that have made the investment are seeing much higher commitment and closing more sales.
  • A budget for Facebook ads. Facebook ads complete your strategy. Your Social marketing manager stimulates engagement by curating valuable, pertinent content for all your platforms. Facebook ads amplify your reach and increase your sales.


facebook-adHere are few more tips:

Identify Your Goals. Do you want to grow your fan base? Are you encouraging an event? Are you ready to make Facebook ads a significant source of leads for your business? Define your goals first. You must have clear goals so you can measure your ad’s effectiveness later!
Facebook is Local. Facebook is the place where you can build an online community that mirrors your offline community. Facebook ads target your local area in ways like never before. You reach those people who will most likely buy from you.
Facebook Ad or Supported Story? Supported Stories are about your Pages’ activities on Facebook. If you have a post with particularly high engagement, spotlight it with an ad. These types of ads reflect Social proof to other users; evidence that people are engaging with your Page. Facebook Ads are more outmoded. You create a message you want to share and choose who you want to reach.
Landing Pages. A staple of internet marketing, landing pages drive visitors to do what you want them to do. When used with Facebook ads, design your ad so that people will click and be taken to your landing page. Once on that landing page, you have an chance to create more value and carry visitors further down the sales funnel.
Target the Right People. Let’s say that the buyer demographic for one of your vehicles is women aged 35-54. What are the interests of this group? Perhaps topics relating to family, work/life balance, shoes? Facebook ads allow you to choose specific audience interests and target those people who are most likely to buy.
Design an Engaging Ad. You’ll need a catchy headline, marketing language for the body of the ad and a compelling photo or graphic. I’ve talked about the misconception that, since Facebook provides free real estate to build your community, everything else is free and easy. No dice. Facebook ads take skill, training and money to develop and design. Facebook is a new medium but the age-old components of successful marketing and advertising are still very much alive and kicking. If you don’t have it, get help.
Connections. It’s important to note that Facebook ads are Social. Ads can be customized to reach people who are already connected with you or not at all connected with you. You choose if you want to reach friends of your fans or not. Identify what kind of connection users have to your page so you can reach your optimal audience.
Location. This is where you can laser target your surrounding community. Choose a city, include surrounding cities, or target exact zip codes.
Objective. You have a choice now to reach people you want to “like my page” or “click on my ad or sponsored story”. Page Like Ads are a great way to build audience size. Page Post Ads will drive deeper engagement. Your choice governs whether you’ll pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC). CPM, according to Facebook, is the cost per 1000 times your ad or sponsored story is displayed. In the past, impressions were not always effective. Now, with Timeline stats showing higher page engagement, I’m seeing good results with CPM.

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