Sabuj Kundu 16th May 2016

Now a days every one wants their own ecommerce store, woocommerce with wordpress is a great choice. What’s make woocommerce such powerful is it’s plugin support. Here we are listing second batch of interesting plugin for woocommerce. Check the first batch here

1.YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

[ All Time:604,717 & Active Installs: 80,000+]

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier add zoom effect to product images and a customizable image slider.Offer to your visitors a chance to inspect in detail the quality of your products. With YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier you can add a zoom effect to all your product images. The WordPress plugin also adds a slider below the featured image with your product gallery images.



2.WooCommerce New Product Badge

WooCommerce New Product Badge

[ All Time:48,855 & Active Installs: 10,000+ ]

Displays a ‘new’ badge on WooCommerce products published in the last x days.A very simple plugin that displays a ‘new’ badge on products that were published in the last x days. X is defined on the catalog tab of the WooCommerce settings screen.


3.CBX WooCommerce Sales Report for WordPress

[ All Time 135,618 & Active Installs: 20+ ]

CBX WooCommerce Sales Report for WordPress

Tired of woocommerce builtin sales stat or 3rd party sales stat with lots of features that looks messy(too much techie), try this. We developed this simple and clean sales start for our need, hope this will be useful to you. Check everyday sales count, product item count, sales amount(income) in one sight.


4.Ninja Forms Woocommerce Order Field

Ninja Forms Woocommerce Order Field

[ All Time:154 & Active Installs: 90+]

Woocommerce Orders Dropdown field for Ninja form.This plugins adds Woocommerce Orders dropdown selection field for Ninja forms for logged in users, useful for support form.


5.CBX WooCommerce Extended Order Display

[ All Time:123 & Active Installs: 20+ ]
CBX WooCommerce Extended Order Display

CBX Woo Extended Order Display is a WordPress plugin that will help you to sort and filter orders by coupon names in admin panel and view coupon names used for orders in an extra column in order table. In front end it rewrite the orders template of woocommerce plugin .You can select user groups who can filter orders by coupon name in front end and backend . In front end one user can view and filter his/her own orders according to settings ,You can enable auto complete coupon names option also. There is pagination view and you can select how many orders to show in every page. There is a short code to show the logged in user orders only in any page or posts . They table you get with shortcode contains an extra coulmn items where all items (name ,quantity and image ) in an order is listed nicely.


6.WooCommerce Export Customer Email

[ All Time:7,971 & Active Installs: 3,000+ ]
WooCommerce Export Customer Email

An essential feature for WooCommerce shop to export customer’s billing emails from admin panel.WooCommerce Export Customer Email simply adds a extra link under customers tab to export all customer emails into a single file. The plugin allows you to download the file to a CSV format.


7.WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

[ All Time:10,626 & Active Installs: 2,000+ ]
WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

This simple extension allows you to add a gift wrap option to your products with optional price.WooCommerce > Settings lets you set up the default gift-wrappable status per-product and cost. These costs can be overridden per-product too.If the customer adds gift wrap, it is shown in cart + orders, and adds your defined cost to the item cost too.


8.WooCommerce My Account Widget

[ All Time : 31,592 & Active Installs: 5,000+]

ooCommerce My Account Widget

This plugin adds a widget with customer account information to your WooCommerce shop.This plugin allows shop managers to display customer information in a widget.It is compatible with WordPress 4.4 and WooCommerce 2.5.

There are many good features and functionlity this plugin .Such that Display link to shopping cart ,Display number of items in shopping cart and Display number of uncompleted orders


9.WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

[ All Time : 8,732 & Active Installs: 1,000+]

ooDiscuz - WooCommerce Comments

WooCommerce product comments and discussion Tab. Allows your customers to discuss about your products and ask pre-sale questions. Adds a new “Discussions” Tab next to “Reviews” Tab. Your shop visitors will thank you for ability to discuss about your products directly on your website product page. WooDiscuz also allows to vote for comments and share products.


10.YITH WooCommerce Social Login

[ All Time:48,016 & Active Installs: 10,000+ ]

YITH WooCommerce Social Login

YITH WooCommerce Social Login, a plugin that allows your potential customers to access your e-commerce site through their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. A simple action, that yet makes your life and your shop management much easier: your users feel more comfortable in your site, login is just a click far and their propensity to purchase becomes much higher. Research prove that three quarters of users prefer social login to registration forms and this increases conversion rates and therefore also sales.