Sabuj Kundu 6th Apr 2016


In this artical, We will share 10 ways to keep your online customers happy, along with some examples and practical advice you can start implementing now for your online shop.

1. Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the most important parts for any business.When a customer buys from you online and calls in to inquier about purchase,customer service needs to be on top it . Customer expect fast customer service on online shop.Instant chat and answering services will show your customers that you care about their business.

2. Customer Reviews

There is much more to managing your online reputation than posting positive reviews to your online shop. In truth, this will only work if your customers overall are actually happy with the products, services and customer service you provide.

3. Authenticity

Authemticity is one of the easiest way to have a customer happy. When a customer buys from you online,he is expecting exactly what he paid for and you must deliver what you promised. Make sure the product that you send them is authentic and genuine. For this reason, they will always buy from you online.

4. Quick Responsives

There are many strategies to help you deliver amazing customer service, and one of the most powerful ones is quick response.Customer have anytime quick responsive for online shop . If customer did not alltime quick response for shop otherwise customer have unhappy.

5. Free Stuff

A customer perspective there is something very appealing about the word ‘free’. However, some businesses might be reluctant due to the costs involved. If a business wants to have a happy and repeated clientele they must be willing to give free stuff away, even now and then.

6. Customer opinion

Customer opinion is one of the best way to hava a customer happy . Ask your customer for their opinions about service,products,campaigns and discount you offer to them. For example , you can make survays and questionnaires on a new product or a change in the store to learn what their reaction are .

7. Interaction with the shop owner

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools to reach your customers. Use a professional email software and keep in touch with them via newsletters, social campaigns etc.

8. Awards

A long term loyalty can be achieved by awarding your customers. For example, offer free shipping, discounts or gift wrapping to the customers who always shop from your store. Special and personal awards are more valuable for customers than a general one.

9. Celebration on special days

Anniversaries, birthdays, special days are the best opportunities to have a sincere relation with your customers. Send “personal emails” to them and wish a happy day. Always design your email template in harmony with these days. Their happiness will increase loyalty they feel to you.

10. Problems Sloved

An online business is not as smooth as you imagine, running without any problems. You will face various barrier and customers expect you to overcome them in a professional way. Professional problem solving will keep your customer shopping in your store.