Merry Christmas 2015 60% Gift Coupon for Total Cart Price

Codeboxr is happy to announce 60% discount on total cart price from 21.12.2015 to 31.12.2015 to enjoy the Merry Christmas 2015 with all of our customers. This offer is valid for all codeboxr Networks Use coupon code: 60%santagift2015

Five Responsive Landing Html Themes

What is Responsives Web Design and How Does it Work? Responsive Web design has become one of the hottest trends recently. This is due in part to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices. More people are using mobile smarter – screen devices to view web pages. Responsive sites use fluid grids. All page… Read more »

Happy Bengali New Year 1422

Today is first day of Bengali New Year. Happy Bengali New Year to all of our customers and clients. The first day of bengali new year is called “Pohela boishakh(পহেলা বৈশাখ)”, in bangladesh the day is celebrated with so colorful events. Just check this google image search page and you will understand the colors …… Read more »

JED3 – Joomla Extension Directory version 3 is coming

JED – Joomla Extension Directory is the catalog of joomla extension maintained by community. Both free or paid extensions are available there. JED team is releasing updated platform for JED which we call JED3. We Codeboxr team is happy to be listed as beta tester as extension developer. Project Status: Internal Testing Internal Beta… Read more »

Web Developer Needed @Codeboxr

Codeboxr ( (বাংলাঃ কোডবক্সার) is hunting for web developers/programmers. Short intro: Codeboxr is a startup web service company from dhaka, bangladesh. We develop custom extensions/plguins for joomla, wordpress, drupal, moodle as well as develop websites and web applications. Learn more about us at and explore our sites. No. of Open Positions: 2 Location: Kataban,… Read more »

We’re Hiring: Business Development Manager

Happy New Year to everyone! At Codeboxr we are going through some interesting time. We’re a growing Startup and we are looking forward to push that trend in 2013. We already have recruited a new Developer in January and now looking for someone who can help us with the business and operations. Effective from January… Read more »

Codeboxr Market Place (beta)

We’re in the process of creating a Market Place for Codeboxr. The idea is to feature all our products in one single location. We’re mostly inspired by Google Play (Android Market place), Mozilla Market place and Chrome Web Store. Right now we’re researching the UI and UX for the Market Place. This will also feature… Read more »

We’re cooking Open Graph Protocol

At the moment we’re developing a Joomla implementation for Open Graph (OG) protocol. Those who are not familiar with OG Protocol, this is a very basic intro: The Open Graph protocol enables developers to integrate their pages into the social graph. These pages gain the functionality of other graph objects including profile links and stream… Read more »

Hello World!

Welcome to Codeboxr blog! For those who are wondering what is Codeboxr, we’re a Startup Company, which means we’re newly created (preparing since November 2011 and officially launched in January 2012), and are presently in a phase of development and research for markets. Our full name “Codeboxr Web Services” will perhaps give you a hint… Read more »