Sabuj Kundu 26th Sep 2019

Sometimes while working with wordpress plugins as developer or advance user we need to activate and deactivate or deactivate and activate plugin, deactivate and delete plugins again and again. To do this we need to click multiple times and scroll pages to reach the goal. To reduce this click time and wait time, we have created a simple plugin which does this job in single click.

CBX Plugin Restart, ReSleep and DD

This plugin adds new links to plugin action links in wordpress admin plugin listing. Single click plugin restart(Deactivate and Activate), resleep(Activate and Deactivate) and DD(Deactivate and Delete).

CBX Plugin Restart, ReSleep and DD for WordPress


All Features: Up to version 1.0.1

  • Single Click plugin Restart (Deactivate and Activate)
  • Single Click plugin Resleep (Activate and deactivate)
  • Single Click plugin DD (Deactivate and Delete)
  • Nonce security check
  • WordPress core capability check for ‘activate_plugins’, ‘deactivate_plugins’ and ‘delete_plugins’ using ‘current_user_can’

We released the plugin via github and regular updates will be push there, any pull request is welcome.

Download any released version as installable zip package for WordPress.