Accounting Solution Inside WordPress

The structure of any business is that money comes in and that the money goes out. Accounting looks at this closely by recording transactions, analyzing transaction patterns and dealing with common day to day operations like payroll and taxes. A computerized environment is always good for any business environment today. If you don’t use new… Read more »

[Solution] Does Loco Translate Plugin Skip Any File to Translate ?

Loco Translate is an essential wordpress plugin for wordpress plugin and theme developer to generate translation template file and provide translation for any plugin and theme. Even, it’s used by regular wordpress user to translate any plugin for any language it’s not available. Once we found for a plugin that Loco translate is not providing… Read more »

Fix: “Remote file is incorrect size” for WordPress Import Error

If you try the wordpress import plugin or import option from tools menu to import content/data xml file you may get error message like below in some server environment/scopes. Remote file is incorrect size So, what happens actually ? when you first time try to import wordpress ask to intall the importer plugin “wordpress-importer”, if… Read more »

W3 Total Cache fails to minify Woocommerce Stylesheets

I was trying configure W3 Total cache for woocommerce and found that it’s css are not include if I enable minify css. After passing hours found that woocommerce loads 3 css files file from it’s core where one of them is “woocommerce-smallscreen” as js enqueue id and it fails to load. Here is the code… Read more »

Twitter Card – How to Show Article Image in Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social network and best tool for micro blogging, updating latest news, writing quick tips and share links. But just sharing link or writing text in 140 chars doesn’t help the engagement in that much. Example see the below two tweets, 2nd tweet has more engagement than the first one… Read more »

CBX Useronline Now supports Buddypress and BBpress

CBX User Online for WordPress plugin helps to show online users near perfectly. We released this middle of this year while working on a project and community liked it and using it. Recently of our customer of pro version suggested Buddpres and BBpress integration to link user profile. We thought it will be help for… Read more »

Random Q/A for CBX Accounting for WordPress

One of our random customer asked few question about CBX Accounting – Simple accounting solution for SME in wordpress platform. We thought it will be wise to share this experience with our other customer who are curious about this plugin Q1. I need to be able to invoice and expense in multiple currencies. We trade… Read more »

Elephant Accounting vs CBX Accounting

The title is weird, we know but it’s true. It’s true that sometimes we use large scale software when our requirement can fulfill a minimal version which can run on less memory and resource. Accounting is very basis needs for any organization and every organization keeps a book keeping system for regular account management. Install… Read more »

Traditional Affiliation VS WCRA (Coupon Referral Affiliation)

Traditional Affiliation Affiliation is a process of earning where you promote any product of other people. You get commission if any one purchase that product from your promotional link. To track any sales via affiliate the shop owner provides the affiliate user any custom url or custom code that is appended to any product url…. Read more »

CBX Flexible Countdown V1.7.2 Released

There is a new release for CBX Flexible Countdown, tagged 1.7.2 . Let’s see what’s new New shortcode param for pro addon Now pro addon supports new param category. example [cbfccountdown type=”kk” plugin=”my-calendar” id=”1″ category=”xyz”][/cbfccountdown] category = event category slug or id or name , different plugin has different setting, The Events Calendar – use… Read more »

CBX Rating V3.5.2 released – What’s new

Today we released V3.5.2 of “CBX Multi-Criteria Flexible Rating System for WordPress“. Let’s see what are the new feature. Bug Fix: Guest user email verify Guest user email verify now works perfectly. Each rating form has individual feature to enable/disable this. If guest email verify is disabled then after guests submit rating it will be… Read more »

10 Interesting WooCommerce Plugins- Part2

Now a days every one wants their own ecommerce store, woocommerce with wordpress is a great choice. What’s make woocommerce such powerful is it’s plugin support. Here we are listing second batch of interesting plugin for woocommerce. Check the first batch here 1.YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier [ All Time:604,717 & Active Installs: 80,000+] YITH WooCommerce… Read more »