Sabuj Kundu 13th Oct 2019

Woocommerce allows to upload digital files if any product is downloadable. Both Simple and Variable Product can have downloadable digital files. Sometimes free or commercial product we may need to list the digital files which customer want to purchase. In this blog post I will show two shortcodes how to display files using product id for simple product type and variation id for variable product. Actually I am sharing this code from a work in progress plugin files so all things may not show complete.

Here are some example shortcodes I tested, the product id and variation id as per my local test site

Simple Product Downloadable File Display Shortcode
here shortcode param id is product id
[cbxwoodigitalfiles_simple_product id="540"]

Variable Product Downloadable File Display Shortcode
Here shortcode param id is variation id
One variation
[cbxwoodigitalfiles_variation_product id="4644"]

Another variation
[cbxwoodigitalfiles_variation_product id="4645"]

I think if we get the files list it will not be hard to implement the file download features also, I am leaving this for next day or for your homework.