Sabuj Kundu 8th Apr 2012

Good morning!

Today I chanced upon this article on Anything-Digital titled, Social media is changing SEO. Is your Joomal web site ready? … it raises some very good point:

The exponential popularity of social networking is due in large part to the proliferation of Like, Recommend, Tweet and +1 buttons around the web. In addition, the integration of social sharing features into mobile operating systems for smart phones and tablet computers have advanced social networking far beyond the desktop PC.

All of these opportunities for social engagement have created a unique category of user-generated recommendations for products and content alike.

SEO — good content still rules

Since search engine optimization is primarily about identifying and classifying good content, the search engines have finally taken notice of social networking. All the major search engines now admit that social engagement — clicking a Like button or sharing content on Twitter — has a positive effect on search engine rankings for a particular keyword.

In other words, if people recommend your content on Facebook or share it with their friends on Twitter and Google+, the content will be ranked higher in search results compared to similar content lacking those personal referrals.

A higher ranking in search results means more traffic to your web site and even more personal referrals. This positive social feedback cycle is a powerful new tool in your SEO toolbox.

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