Sabuj Kundu 27th Nov 2013


We were contacted by a leading national advertising agency with good reputation for a facebook campaign where we had to promote a Facebook Page. It was a campaign to celebrate the milestone of Bangladesh Government‘s 10,000 MW electricity production.

Improving electricity production for this developing nation was a priority for the government and it took it seriously. Thus at the end of its election year, the government finally achieved the target of producing 10,000 MW electricity.


Increasing Popularity of the Campaign via Official Facebook Page

The goal of the campaign was to reach audience to spread the news of this milestone. The measurable metric for this goal was Facebook Page Likes. Initially there was no specific target for any # of Likes but eventually during the time frame of the campaign the likes started to reach 8,000 it was decided that it would be nice if we could get 10,000 Likes in per with the 10,000 MW electricity production that it celebrates.

Alok Utshob, Milestone

The campaign ran from 8th November 2013 to 12th November 2013 and during those 5 days we were successful in getting 10,000 Likes. Congratulations to the Social Media Advertising Team of Codeboxr for this great achievement. In total the campaign reached more than 290,000 people with post engagements of 2100.

Strategies used in this Campaign

Facebook Advertisement

We prepared and executed a Facebook Advertisement Campaign around with the goal in mind. We tried to target the precise audience who might be interested in the subject. We specified country and demography as well as precise interest that may define the type of people who might be interest about this campaign and page. While targeting countries we kept it in mind where such people may reside around the world, since many Bangladeshis live abroad. We included those countries in the target. We also chose Language as a easy target to zero-in our target group.

campaign-rise campaign-rise2

Ad Variations

adsWe made 2 variation of the advertisement using two graphics provided by us by the client. We found that one of the ad did better than the other and received more likes.

Promoted Post

We also ran promoted story to reach wider audience. One of such promoted post with a campaign video reached more than 17 thousand people.


We had a tight budget, so had to optimize the ad carefully. We gradually increase the budget per day in order to balance between “Spending too much budget” vs “Achieving the target goal” (in this case 10k Likes).

Reaching Out

As part of the strategy we posted about the page and its content in some open groups and pages with high popularity. We also contacted few high profile people in the community who were helpful in spreading about the page and we could get some likes without any cost.


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