Sabuj Kundu 28th Nov 2013

keyword-targetingAre you planning for SEO? Looking for related keywords and key-phrases which are most frequently used? Different people think differently. What you will be using to search online, your friend might be using a different bunch of words for the same goal.

If online business owners could know how diverse minds of it’s customers work, that would solve the problem. But in reality they can’t. That’s why you need to know some trick to understand other related keywords and key-phrases. There are advanced tools to do that, like Google Keywords Tool which comes with Google Adwords and provide various way to analyze keywords. But what if you need to check real quick?

Here are couple of quick tips which are the most easy way to find out related keywords and phrases.


Don’t Hit Enter, .. Wait

Almost all major search engine has implemented live search which basically start showing you result and suggestion as you type, particularly after first few keystrokes are done. This is true for Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your search dont have live search then check the preferences/settings and turn it on. Google for example has settings (Search Settings) to turn “Instant Result” on or off.

So lets say you want to find out what other popular search words and phrases are there, type first one or two words and wait without hitting enter in search. Google, Yahoo and Bing, all will show you suggested search from its popular search results.

Excel tutorials - Google Search 2013-11-28 15-17-50

The above screenshot from Google shows that after typing ‘Excel tutorials’ google started to pour in other popular and related searches. Same is true for Yahoo and Bing.

Bing 2013-11-28 15-19-29 Yahoo 2013-11-28 15-20-53

So thats the quickest way to get recommended related keywords and key-phrases.

Let Search Engine Suggest you

Other than live search, once you hit enter for any key-phrases or even keyword, either towards the end of first page search result (in case of Google, Yahoo) or at sidebar (in case of Bing) you will see the search engine itself will provide you a list of 8 related items. They are very valuable to understand what other search terms are popular. See the screenshot below to from top 3 search engines for suggestion.

Online Excel tutorials - Google Search 2013-11-28 15-18-34

Google’s suggestion just above pagination on search result page

Yahoo Suggestions

Yahoo Suggestions

Bing's Related Searches

Bing’s Related Searches

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