Sabuj Kundu 27th May 2016

Font is very essential for presentation any kinds of readable topics to the reader. Stylish google font has made the way easy to the presenter. Our latest theme was created for sharing the finer things in life. Luxury features a sophisticated design with a strong focus on elegant typography and content layout. The theme is an excellent solution as a blog or business site catering to a luxurious lifestyle.

I’ve chosen the fonts below based on my personal taste and put them in no particular order. There are a massive amount of free stylish google fonts out there so don’t let me dictate which ones are the best for you. The links below should provide a great place to branch out into more options.

1. Tangerine :

[ Start Download : All Time – 4,28,161 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Tangerine Font

Tangerine is a calligraphy font inspired by many italic chancery hands from the 16-17th century. Its tall ascender, the most distinct characteristic of this type, takes a wide line space between lines and gives it a graceful texture. It is generally advisable to use Tangerine for a title or short text at large size because of the short height of lowercase letters. Tangerine is produced by Japanese type designer Toshi Omagari and was named after a woman who encouraged him to begin this work. Visit

2. Josefin Slab :

[ Start Download : All Time – 3,06,689 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Josefin Slab Font

Josefin Slab takes its inspiration from 1930’s trends in geometric typefaces. It’s a good all around font for titles, headlines, and body text.I wanted to stick to the idea of Scandinavian style, so I put a lot of attention to the diacritics, especially to “æ” which has loops connecting in a continuous way, so the “e” slope was determined by this character.

It also has some typewriter style attributes, because I’ve liked the Letter Gothic typeface since I was in high school, and that’s why I decided to make a Slab version of Josefin Sans. Visit

3. Abril Fatface :

[ Start Download : All Time – 1,39,224 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Abril  Fatface Font

Abril Fatface is meant to be a revamp of classic Didone styles. In particular 19th century British and French advertising posters. This font is probably best for titles and headlines. Abril Fatface is part of a bigger type family system, Abril, which includes 18 styles for all Display and Text uses. The titling weights are a contemporary revamp of classic Didone styles, display both neutrality and strong presence on the page to attract reader’s attention with measured tension by its curves, good color and high contrast. Visit

4. Old Standard TT :

[ Start Download : All Time – 80,414 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

old Standard TT Font

Old Standard TT is a serif typeface meant to be reminiscent of body text in old books. It is well suited for article writing. Old Standard reproduces a specific type of Modern (classicist) style of serif typefaces, very commonly used in various editions of the late 19th and early 20th century, but almost completely abandoned later.

However, this lettertype still has at least two advantages. the most beautiful examples of Greek and Cyrillic letters types were all based on the Modern style, so that for those scripts “Modern” fonts are much more appropriate than any contemporary (e. g. Times-based) designs. Visit

5. FFF Tusj :

[ Start Download : All Time – 6,61,873 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

 FFF Tusj Font

This font is a handwritten version of Georgia. It works best as a title or logo in very large letters. FFF Tusj is a fancy, sketch font designed by Magnus Cederholm. The font is licensed as Free. The font is free for both personal and commercial usages. In doubt please refer to the readme file in the font package or contact the designer directly from website. Visit

6. Pacifico :

[ Start Download : All Time – 14,52,377 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Pacifico Font

Pacifico is a script font best suited to titles and logos. Aloha! Pacifico is an original and fun brush script handwriting font by Vernon Adams which was inspired by the 1950s American surf culture.Free fonts have met their match. We know how hard it is to find quality freeware that is licensed for commercial work. We’ve done the hard work, hand-selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format. Visit

7. Knewave :

[ Start Download : All Time – 79,489 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Knewave Font

Knewave is a bold contemporary font that drips with style. It’s best for logos, headlines, and titles Knewave was created for The League of Moveable Type. It is a google stylish font which help to make an attractive look.

8. Junction :

[ Start Download : All Time – 82,540 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Junction Font

Junction is a sans serif font that works great for titles, headings, and logos. It has a decent reading experience too if you want it to be a body font.From the website: Inspired by my favorite humanist sans serif typefaces, such as Meta, Myriad, and Scala, Junction is where the best qualities of serif and sans serif typefaces come together. It has the hand drawn and human qualities of a serif, and still retains the clarity and efficiencies of a sans serif typeface. It combines the best of both worlds. Visit

9. Ostrich Sans :

[ Start Download : All Time – 9,46,738 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Ostrich Sans Font

Ostrich Sans is a modern sans serif font that’s great for titles, logos, and headlines.A gorgeous modern sans-serif with a very long neck. With a whole slew of styles & weights:Dashed (thin)Rounded (medium)Ultra light Normal Bold (race track style double lines)Black Ostrich Sans Inline is the most recent to the family and has basic international character support and an italic style. Visit

10. Orbitron :

[ Start Download : All Time – 1,79,582 & Active Installation : Unknown ]

Orbitron Font

Orbitron is a geometric san serif font best used for display purposes. That means titles, subtitles, and headlines. A stylistic Orbitron was designed so that graphic designers in the future will have some alternative to typeface like Eurostile or Bank Gothic. If you’ve ever seen a futuristic sci-fi movie, you have may noticed that all other fonts have been lost or destroyed in the apocalypse that led humans to flee earth.

Only those very few geometric typefaces have survived to be used on spaceship exteriors, spacestation signage, monopolistic corporate branding, uniforms featuring aerodynamic shoulder pads, etc. Of course Orbitron could also be used on the posters for the movies portraying this inevitable future. Visit

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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