Sabuj Kundu 23rd Mar 2019

I hear from wordpress community or users frequently that this or that plugin is not updated for 2/3/4 major wordpress version, is this plugin still ok? The question is valid as a question but not that you have to ask always or if any plugin is not updated for 3 major wordpress release doesn’t mean the plugin is outdated. Unless any wordpress plugin developer is lost or abandon any plugin a plugin needs to update then it’s need an update. When we update any plugin, some common reasons can be below:

1. The plugin has a bug
2. WordPress core changes, plugin needs an update to be compatible
3. Plugin needs a new feature
4. Some few more reasons like 1-3

So, my suggestion is stop asking frequently is the plugin still compatible. As the plugin is free and developer gave time freely at least give it a try, read the support question in the plugin’s forum. If the plugin has compatibility issues or it’s really doesn’t work there must be support question in the plugin’s forum or if you find issue you can post one so that next others user can not ask the same question.

Same type of issue is with Gutenberg. Not all plugin’s need gutenberg support. Many plugins just need shortcode support and gutenberg has that support. The only Gutenberg compatibility issue can be if the plugin has meta box. Many plugins do not need any kind of gutenberg support, just keep this in mind.

Asking question is not bad, asking silly question is not bad also, asking support question has no problem or it’s part of business but asking question without thinking a bit is bad as per my observation or thought. BTW, I am not angry or dis respective to those customers or users who always ask “Is the plugin still compatible?” or “Is the plugin Gutenberg supported?”, thing is many plugin is not related with those questions.

Happy asking and happy WordPressing!

Note: Never ever test any wordpress plugin in live environment unless you are ok with the technical difficulties if it breaks.