Sabuj Kundu 16th May 2016

There is a new release for CBX Flexible Countdown, tagged 1.7.2 . Let’s see what’s new

New shortcode param for pro addon

Now pro addon supports new param category. example
[cbfccountdown type=”kk” plugin=”my-calendar” id=”1″ category=”xyz”][/cbfccountdown]

category = event category slug or id or name , different plugin has different setting,

  • The Events Calendar – use category slug
  • Event Organiser – use category slug
  • Events Manager – use category slug
  • Events Made Easy- use category name
  • My Calendar – use category id

Bug Fix

Pro addon’s feature for 3rd party plugin support was buggy for few as reported by customers and this is now synced properly. 3rd party event plugin support is now refreshed.