10 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

There are billions of brands present in the world. In this crowd, it is difficult to established new brand. Don’t be afraid, If you apply some tricks then the task will be very east to you. Here some tricks for you. 01. Referral Word of mouth is the most powerful tools. Without it, you will… Read more »

10 Tips & Tricks For Better Twitter Engagement-Part2

In part1 of this series, I discussed 10 tips for better twitter engagement. Hope this 2nd part will help more. 01. Reply At first chose the tweet then clicked the reply button located at the bottom of the tweet, complete your reply and click tweet to post it. 02. Like Like are represented by a… Read more »

10 Tips & Tricks For Better Twitter Engagement-Part1

If your social media growth is very important for your business then you must keep an eye of your business engagement in your social media accounts. Twitter is one of the great tools that nowadays every social media marketer use from morning to night. If you want to engage with more Twitter followers then you… Read more »

10 Important Things To Do At First Office Hour

The first few hour of a working day is much important for the productivity. Some simple steps and preparation for the first hour can help you finish your tasks timely. I think this discussion will help you for better professional life. 1. Arrive on Time Don’t make late at office intentionally. If you are always… Read more »

Social Timeline-Social Media News Mashup

Social Timeline-Social Media News Mashup What is Social Timeline ? Social Timeline is the latest trend to show updates from different social network and present as a timeline. Practically what is done is, different social media site’s updates are grabbed and mashup or sorted by dates and presented as a list, grid or timeline fashion…. Read more »

Rating and Review System – What and Why

When you want to purchase any thing you will certainly try to understand what’s the feelings of other who used it or if there is any system where people can write their review about that product so that you can read the reviews from real customer and decide. Good thing is, now a days almost… Read more »

Popular Political Website Audit Report

Now a days the political parties are more concern about their digital presence and one of the main gateway for digital presence is via their website. It is seen that most political parties are improving their website to latest trend to connect more people. Based on some simple and common popular technical parameter we compared… Read more »

Learn Html with Sujit – Part2

In the previous tutorial I wrote about basic concept of html. In this article, I will try to show some basic tags. 1. The <body> tag. The body tag defined the hole document body,it has a start tag <body> and end tag </body> 2. HTML Headings The Heading tag are defined with <h1> to <h6>…. Read more »

Learn HTML with Me

I joined codeboxr this january. I started to learn about basic HTML , basic tags, what is an html file and how it works. All seems magic to me. At start, this is so difficult for me as I came from non technical backeground, you can understand. I am writing this blog post, so that… Read more »

10 Technology Trends that will Dominate in 2017

1. AR and VR Augmented Reality(AR) is the things that is a lie direct or indirect view of a real-world environment whose element are augmented. In this system the reality is modified by a computer. Virtual Reality(VR) mainly refers to computer technology that use to produce realistic image, sound and other things that make a… Read more »