Sujit Biswas 26th Feb 2017

If your social media growth is very important for your business then you must keep an eye of your business engagement in your social media accounts. Twitter is one of the great tools that nowadays every social media marketer use from morning to night. If you want to engage with more Twitter followers then you should take care the followers. In this blog, I will discuss some tips and tricks that may help to increase your Twitter engagement.

01. Upload a Real Photo

For company account usually used the company logo, If you want more followers for your personal account it is better to use a profile picture with your actual face. Personally, I like to see a smiley face instead of the faceless logo. People are more trusting and interested in building up a relation between you if you use your real photo as a profile.

02. Tweet, Tweet & Tweet

Tweet means a weak chirping sound as of a small bird from Dictionary but here tweet is the process to express your feelings for your followers. Using tweet one can say something for his followers in 140 words and increase engagement. So, tweet about anything that is related to your business. You can tweet from any account 4-5 times a day, sometimes same topic can be retweeted.

03. Following

Following is the another process to grow up your twitter flowers. By more following, you can get more followers. So, keep following.

04. Follow Expert and Popular Account

Following the right person is the actual way to build up your account If you follow the right person then you get the actual notice for your dialog or reply. By following the popular account you will get a lot of followers at a time. So, always follow the expert and popular one.


When other people follow you then they are followers for you. If you have more followers then you reached more people. So grow your followers to better engagement. Always follow back account that is close to your business.

06. Give Interesting/Great Resource to Your Followers

Always keep you resourceful, supportive and helpful for your followers. The more trust you can gain by sharing Interesting, Great or helpful you will get more followers. If people realize that they benefited from your tweets then they will like to follow more to keep track of twitter.

07. Stay Positive

Nobody wants to read or see negativity. So, always avoid something negative. If you prove you are a positive person by spreading positive tweets then more people engage with you.

08. Think Different

It is easy to follow someone but difficult to create some new which will make you different from other. So, think different and create some new and get more followers.

09. Build Trust and Familiarity with Your Followers

The things that you post on twitter, it is better if the post is lessons and tips. Then most people follow you and suggest others follow. Building trust and familiarity makes easy to build up your account.

10. Tweet During Peak Time

Maintain timing on Twitter is great things to increase traffic for your Twitter account. If you follow timing properly then your tweet get more retweets and more followers.

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