Sujit Biswas 6th Feb 2017

Social Timeline-Social Media News Mashup

What is Social Timeline ?

Social Timeline is the latest trend to show updates from different social network and present as a timeline.
Practically what is done is, different social media site’s updates are grabbed and mashup or sorted by dates and presented as a list, grid or timeline fashion. For example, you can check this.


Why Social Timeline is important ?

Nowadays every company manages their social media pages with care. They post updates in social media almost every day and connects with their audience, react. But, this way, this interaction happens in any individual social network web page that any site visitor may not check or miss it. Now, think about a section in your site where you can show posts from different social network websites and present them to your visitor or your visitor can check your social media presence without going to those social network sites. This way, you can keep your site visitors updated with your social media culture and influence them to connect with you.

Benefits of Social Timeline

  • Timeline helps to present a clear vision of what is happening after which event
  • Visitor can check social media culture without visiting those sites
  • One can see everything in a timeline without visiting different social media.
  • Through Timeline A business site can show update news from different social media.
  • Using Social Timeline business owners can grow their business.

How can you show Social Timeline in your site

Most popular Social media sites have their own widget which you can put in your site easily. For example, Facebook has
it’s own social plugin for showing updates from any brand page, check their page-plugin

For Twitter it’s Embedded-timeline

For Pinterest it’s widget-builder

For Google+ it’s Google+ Badge

My Social Timeline for #joomla


Do you want to get updated news from all important social media for your joomla site then My Social Timeline is the best option for you. Through this, you can mashup much important news from your social media channels.