Sujit Biswas 7th Mar 2017


In part1 of this series, I discussed 10 tips for better twitter engagement. Hope this 2nd part will help more.

01. Reply

At first chose the tweet then clicked the reply button located at the bottom of the tweet, complete your reply and click tweet to post it.

02. Like

Like are represented by a small heart bottom of the tweet. If you want to like a tweet click the like icon and it will turn red for confirming you like
this. By liking you will engage with another person, so like others tweet and increase your engagement.
Follow Back Your Best Followers

03. Follow Back Your Best Followers

It is important to follow everyone that follows you but sometimes it will create a problem if the followed twitter account doesn’t go with your business goal. So it is better to follow some important one that suits for your business. You just need to focus on target people.

04. Pick a Short and Memorable Twitter Username

For Twitter, the shortest username is better. Many people like this and more people retweet your tweet. If your username is short and memorable then more people memorize you and your engagement will increase.

05. Share Quality Content

If you share quality content then you will get more retweet and more people follow you. When someone follows you then subscribe your post and basically want to see a quality full tweet. If your content is low quality then you will lose your followers.
Retweet as First as You Can

06. Retweet as Fast as You Can

Twitter is a real-time social network. So, if you reply the shortest time then your engagement will better and you reach to people quickly. So tweet fast and be engaged.

07. Create a Story

I think everyone loves story. When you write something then make it as a story. If you follow this I think more people engaged with you. Sometimes, you can tell the story about yourself or your business.

08. Write Killer Headline

The killer heading is a good way of grabbing people’s attraction.

09. Do Not Auto-Follow

Don’t auto follow people, please check the profile before following. If you do this then there is a risk. If the people you follow is a spammer then he can be harmful to your profile. Follow after the check, Be safe.

10. Be Helpful

Twitter is the place where people share ideas and engaged with people’s with same interests. The smart way to build up business here is writing blog posts. If you share blog post it is helpful for others then more people engaged with you. So be helpful and increased your engagement on twitter.

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