Getting Started with GulpJS

Gulp is usually known as task runner. A task runner is a program that can do stuff on behalf of you. Developers use Gulp for doing their repetitive tasks. Repeating same work, again and again, is really boring, right? But no matter, Gulp is here. Let’s see what gulp can do for us: Automatically reload… Read more »

Codeboxr’s 2017 Year In Review and Happy New Year 2018

In many ways, 2017 has been an exciting year for Codeboxr. We worked on some exciting New Client Projects, Released few WordPress Plugins, New Joomla Extensions, New Themes. We have some new guys in our team and we participated in local Tech Events. We meet lots of new customers and clients. My heartiest thanks to… Read more »

10 Important Things To Do At First Office Hour

The first few hour of a working day is much important for the productivity. Some simple steps and preparation for the first hour can help you finish your tasks timely. I think this discussion will help you for better professional life. 1. Arrive on Time Don’t make late at office intentionally. If you are always… Read more »

Birthday Celebration of Rajesh Saha, 2017

Today 29th January, 2017 we celebrated happy birthday of Rajesh Saha. Rajesh Saha works at Codeboxr as Software Engineer Level-2. To know more about him please check our team page. See more photos in our facebook page