Sabuj Kundu 16th May 2016


Nowadays, just about everyone can consider themselves a blogger. The tools and plugins made available online are making it even easier to break into the blogging scene. Competition is rife and you might do well to get help from any source you can find. One of the ways is to get yourself plugins that will help make certain processes smoother for you and your readers.

Are you looking for the must have WordPress plugins used by WordPress experts? Well, then you’re in the right place. In this article, our expert team has hand-picked the best WordPress plugins. In this post we’ll look at 10 essential free and premium wordpress security plugins.

1.BulletProof Security Pro: Price – One Time Free Trial

{ Download Started: All time- 15,86,153 & Active Install- 1,00,000+ }

BulletProof Security Pro secures your ‘wp-admin’ folder and Root website folder with a single click. It offers security against all CSRF, Base64, XSS, RFI, SQL Injection and Code Injection hacking trials. Another useful maintenance feature is also added that allows developers to put up a “503 under maintenance” page while the site-owner works on their website.

It offers hacker and spam protection for a one-time fee with no recurring payments as well as unlimited installations, and besides all that, it also provides you with a simple one-click setup wizard, despite all its complex workings.Visit BulletProof Security

2.Security Ninja: Price – Free + Only $11/m

{ Download Started: All time- 9,442 & Active Install- 1,000+ }

Security Ninja is years of the industry’s best practices on security combined into one plugin. It performs more than 31 security tests including brute-force attacks, it checks your site for security vulnerabilities and holes, and even takes preventive measures against any attacks.

Among its other features Security Ninja also prevents 0-day exploit attacks, it provides code snippets for quick fixes, as well as including extensive help and descriptions of tests for you to explore. Don’t let script kiddies hack your site! Visit Security Ninja

3. Acunetix WP Security: Price – Free Trial

{ Download Started: All time- 15,65,264 & Active Install- 1,00,000+ }

Acunetix WP Security plugin is a free and comprehensive security tool that helps you secure your WordPress installation and suggests corrective measures for: securing file permissions, security of the database, version hiding, WordPress admin protection and lots more.

Acunetix WP Security checks your WordPress website/blog for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions such as changing passwords, removing WP Generator META tag from core code, and all the other corrective measures mentioned above. Visit Acunetix WP Security

4.iThemes Security: Price – Unlimited Licenses For $150

{ Download Started: All time- 48,15,586 & Active Install- 6,00,000+ }

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.

Most WordPress admins don’t even know they’re vulnerable, but iThemes Security works to fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials. With one-click activation for most features, as well as advanced features for experienced users, iThemes Security can help protect any WordPress site. Visit iThemes Security

5. Comment Spam Protection – Akismet: Price – Free + Pro

{ Download Started: All time- 1,50,000 & Active Install- 75,000+ }

Akismet is possibly the best way to protect your website from web spam. Akismet filters comments and trackback spam, so that you can focus more on managing other important things. It runs on autopilot and provides 24-hour protection.

This plugin integrates the free (for personal use) Akismet comment spam prevention service with your WordPress site to direct suspicious looking comments straight into your spam folder. While the Akismet plugin is now pre-installed with WordPress, you still need to sign up for an account and activate the plugin on your site. Visit Comment Spam Protection – Akismet

6.WordPress Security – WordFence: Price – Only $3.9 to $39/y

{ Download Started: All time- 68,88,239 & Active Install- 9,00,000+ }

As well as spam, another threat website owners can fall prey to is having their site hacked. This isn’t just a problem WordPress users can suffer from, but thanks to the selection of great security plugins available, it’s a problem we can easily avoid.Wordfence is one free plugin that WordPress users can deploy to secure their website with ease.

After installation the plugin will carry out a scan to detect any vulnerabilities. Wordfence will then protect and monitor your website against known and unknown attackers who might be trying to hack their way into your website.The Wordfence plugin also includes a caching tool to speed up your website, killing two birds with one stone. Visit WordPress Security – WordFence

7. Back Up Your WordPress: Price – Free Trial

{ Download Started: All time- 18,24,728 , Active Install- 3,00,000+ }

BackWPup is my free backup plugin of choice. It’s a great option as it can automatically deliver your backups to a range of external destinations. This includes Dropbox, SugarSync, S3, or an FTP server. You can set your own backup schedule, and your site can be restored from the backup archive at any point.

Even if your website is safe and secure from hackers, it’s essential that you have a backup solution in place. Unintentional user error can be just as devastating as a planned malicious attack, so don’t delay when it comes to setting up regular scheduled backups on your website.Visit BackWPup

8.Google Authenticator: Price – Free + Pre Only $15/m

{ Download Started: All time-74827 & Active Install-10000+ }

Google Authenticator is a very popular security plugin for WordPress. It offers you two-step authentication using the Google Authenticator app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.Once you’ve installed and configured this plugin on your WordPress blog, you can set a QR code with the secret key.

So, you can begin using 2-factor authentication to log in to your site. This can be easily set up using the Google Authenticator plugin, and here’s how it works: You’ll still have your username and password to log in to your site, but your login form will also ask you for your Google Authenticator code.Visit:

9.Sucuri: Price – Only $18/m

{ Download Started: All time- 826642 & Active Install- 100000+ }

We use Sucuri to monitor the security of our websites. Any website on the internet can get hacked or attacked by malicious denial of service attacks. It is better to be prepared than sorry. Sucuri offers real time alerts, website security scanner, and even offers malware removal service.

We will secure your website from hackers, so you don’t have to. Our security experts will thoroughly scan, clean, monitor & protect your website 24/7. Our security software will automatically block your website’s vulnerabilities from any & all attacks. We provide peace of mind for over 30,000 website owners just like you. Visit sucur

10. WP Antivirus Site Protection: Price – Free Trial

{ Download Started: All time- 80,682 & Active Install- 4000+ }

WP Antivirus Site Protection is the security plugin to prevent/detect and remove malicious viruses and suspicious codes. It detects: backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, adware, spyware, hidden links, redirection and etc. WP Antivirus Site Protection scans not only theme files, but it also scans and analyzes all the files of your WordPress website (theme files, all the files of the plugins, files in upload folder and etc).

It also maintains a daily update of the virus database and provides you with alerts and notifications in the admin area as well as by email. In addition to all that you can also personally upload suspicious files to‘s server to have them reviewed by experts and even view your security reports online. Visit WP Antivirus Site Protection

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!