Sabuj Kundu 7th Sep 2013

Codeboxr ( (বাংলাঃ কোডবক্সার) is hunting for web developers/programmers.

Short intro: Codeboxr is a startup web service company from dhaka, bangladesh. We develop custom extensions/plguins for joomla, wordpress, drupal, moodle as well as develop websites and web applications. Learn more about us at and explore our sites.

No. of Open Positions: 2
Location: Kataban, Elephant Road
Office *Open Hours: 8am – 6pm (Friday & Saturday Weekend)

Skills (at least) Needed::

1. OOP Php
2. At least expert in any php framework
3. At least knows plugin/extension or theme/template development for wordpress (plugin/theme) or joomla (extension/template) platform
4. Javascript and at least one js framework or can learn jquery
5. Should I mention you must know CSS and html :P
6. Any University, any faculty but you know how to code and what logic means :)


Salary: 20k to 30k BDT per month or you may suggest and justify if you feel you deserve more
Other Facility: Free lunch at office with unlimited tea /coffee, you are free to relax if you are down, lots of free space to play football. Eid Bonus twice a year. Friday and saturday weekend, any govt. holiday (where applicable). As a startup we are learning every day and changing, we have lots of plan to make more developer friendly environement.

You must be professional, we don’t care if you are so called geek but not professional :)

It’s a full time job and we discourage freelance work after office, better you increase your expertise and concentrate at office work to increase your salary and experience. We want to learn from you and you must have intention to learn new technology and work with team members.

Please email to (Sabuj Kundu), write subject “Interested to work with Codeboxr: Jobid-2495” , attach your Resume in pdf format, we like to know about you & your expertise in-short and your professional social network urls. Feel free to ask any thing

BTW, you can follow us on social networks here:

Need inspiration to work with us? We have 100+ extensions in Joomla Extension Directory (, we welcome talented people to become part of our small family and help us to grow with all together.

Last date for application: 14th Sep, 2013

Please spread this message to help to reach right people.

Sabuj Kundu (Founder & CEO)