Sabuj Kundu 5th Sep 2013

web-toolsAt Codeboxr ( on twitter), for most of the web site or web application project we do responsive design. We are a great fan of Twitter bootstrap too.

Whenever you design for responsive and various screen sizes, you need to test them to make sure that every element of the website is working properly, interactions are right, the menu is not breaking etc.

Here I am trying to list few tools which will help you test any responsive design:

Web Based Tools:

Google Chrome Extensions:

Resolution Test

Firefox Extensions:

Firefox’s own Web Developer Tool (File > Web Developer > Responsive Design View (CTRL+SHIFT+M))

Other Tools:

Opera Mobile Operator to check different device’s screen size and many more.

Interesting Articles on Responsive Design

What are you using?

Why not you share with us what you are using to test responsive design ?