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WordPress is free and open sources web publishing application, content-based management (CMS) and a great blogging platform. WordPress platform has become one of the most popular website building platform since 2003 in the industry and there are many big and feature-rich website built using this platform. WordPress can be used to create websites, blogs, e-commerce and mobile website as well. WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017.

If you don’t know what WordPress is, then try to answer the following question, if answer for the any of the question is ‘yes’ then we can help you

  • Do you need a website?
  • Do you need a placeholder website for your new business?
  • Do you need a personal website?
  • Do you want to start an ecommerce business and need a website badly?
  • Do you need to fix your current website?
  • Do you need to make your current website mobile responsive?

For the last few years WordPress created a eco system for developers,designers & entrepreneurs. Moreover it has emerged as a real blessing for Business Industry. Codeboxr is a leading WordPress Development Company since 2011 offering Custom WordPress Development services at reliable price within short time preiod.

We are long time WordPress geek and we mean it. We regularly Develop wordpress plugins and release in WordPress Plugin Directory for free !!

Why To Choose WordPress?

  • Easy Set Up: Setting up is very easy.
  • Themes: It allows you to modify & use custom themes.
  • Plugin:Plugin allows you to extend performances & features without knowing how to programm.
  • SEO Friendly: Though WordPress don’t do SEO automatically but it’s search engine friendly.
  • Easy to update: Very easy to update your site at any time.
  • Safe & Secure: WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is considered quite safe and secure to run any website.

Services We Provide Regarding WordPress:

  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Plugin Customization
  • Developing WordPress based Website
  • Developing WordPress Based Web Application
  • Migration to WordPress from other cms like Joomla

Why to choose us?

We are expert in any kind of WordPress related thing. At Codeboxr, we have inhouse team of experienced, skilled and professional WordPress Developers.

Here are the major points to consider us :

  • Quality: We never compromise with the quality of work.
  • Implement Clean Coding: We always write clean code can be easily read, modified, tested at any time. Websites built with clean code can perform very well on all parameters and fetch more business opportunities for its owner.
  • Responsive:We ensure 100% responsive websites as well as themes.
  • Cross Browser Capability: Different People use different browsers.So, it is possible that your website may not work fine on a particular browser. If this happens, you may lose a huge amount of traffic from your site. We always keep in mind that when we create WordPress sites & make sure that website is working fine through all modern web-browsers.
  • Competitive Price :We do value your money. What we cost is worth the service we deliver.
  • Commitment: We always invest time with clients & get pieces of information from client to land project that genuinely mirrors client’s desire.
  • Support with care: Always(within office time) available to help and assist you. Support by Real Developer. We give support via email, skype if need.
  • Secured Transaction: Secured payment through PayPal.

We charge project basis or $20/hour as flat rate.

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